Linking and creating pages in wikis is a tricky process if you are unfamiliar with HTML linking in general.

Creating pages

In wikis, pages are created when they are linked to. If you want a page, start by linking to it, and then create it. Read more about linking below.

The general process will look like this:
  1. Edit the current page
  2. Create a link to a page you need
  3. Save
  4. Click the new link
  5. You will get to a blank page that will prompt you to create itself
  6. Click Edit
  7. Write content
  8. Click Save.
  9. Voilá! The page has been created and linked to!

Read below for details.


There are two types of links on a wiki site:
  • internal links — lead to other wiki pages
  • external links — lead to documents and pages outside your wiki

Internal linking

Internal links tell the wiki site to fetch a page with a certain name when the link is clicked. E. g., when you clicked to go to this page on the index page, the wiki site got a message:
  • Fetch me a page called 'Creating+and+linking+wiki+pages'

When the wiki site gets this message, it looks into its index of pages. If it finds the page you requested, it fires it back at you, in no time. If it doesn't find one, it will prompt you to create one. Try this:

To create an internal link

  1. Go into Edit mode by clicking the Edit button
  2. Select the text that needs to become a link (you might need to type the text beforehead)
  3. Click Link in the edit bar
  4. Check for link text and page name. You will notice they are similar.
  5. Click Add Link

See the principle illustrated in a screencast below (narrated in Russian):
Creating and linking new pages, a video on Dropbox