About this wiki

This is a toolbox for teachers of foreign languages who use or plan to use wikis in their daily work. Use this wiki to gain inspiration, get new teaching ideas and roadmaps for your future wiki projects.

This wiki is a work in progress. Feel free to request info on new subjects.

Demo wiki site


  1. Wiki basics
    1. Creating a Wikispaces account
    2. Publishing on your wiki
    3. Creating and linking wiki pages
    4. Uploading and embedding files
    5. Creating a navigation for your wiki
    6. Protecting wiki from editing
  2. Wiki as a class management tool
    1. Wiki as a grade book
    2. Wiki as a dynamic syllabus
    3. Wiki's notification systems for classroom use
  3. Wiki for creating Dynamic Group Vocabulary
    1. Creating a classroom vocabulary with templates
    2. Integrating vocabulary with other tasks
  4. Wiki for developing writing skills
    1. Collaborative writing: Sequential narrative
    2. Collaborative writing: Non-linear narrative
    3. Peer review
    4. Using wikis with individual writing tasks
  5. Wiki in project-based learning
  6. Wiki in reflective learning

About the author

My name is Maxim Ilyahov, I teach at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies.
I specialize in information and communication technologies in teaching foreign languages, cultures, history and computer literacy.
Feel free to drop me a line at maxim.ilyahov@yandex.ru.